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10/7/17: Nike Vandal High Supreme Silver

Nike Vandal High Supreme Silver
Metallic Silver / University Red
Retail: $90

Release Date: Saturday, October, 2017
Available in-store at 11am EST on a first come, first serve basis. Remaining inventory will be available at Noon.

Godfather of Freestyle
Welcome back to 1985. Fitness chic turned leg-warmers into a national craze, synth-pop dominated the airwaves, and Nike dropped the Vandal Supreme. It combined the look of our athletic heritage with a fresh streetwear aesthetic, capped off with a now-iconic hook-and-loop ankle strap. They made their biggest splash B-boying on strips of linoleum in cities worldwide. Now, the OG is back in the original metallic silver and university red colorway. Bust it, quickly.