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10/1/19: Nike Women's Air Force 1 '07 LXX (QS)


First come, first served product will release on the new arrivals page and the brand's collection page when available.


This product is considered a Quickstrike (QS). All QS, limited edition, and brand collaboration products are final sale.


Release Info: Tuesday, October 1, 2019
Available online and in-store at our Boston location at 10am EST and in-store at our Los Angeles location at 11am PST on a first come, first served basis.


How do you get a fresh perspective on an absolute classic design that’s seen countless reiterations over the years? Take it apart and put it back together in again, differently.


Nike deconstructionists have decided, again, to take on the mighty Air Force One, giving the ladies low-top a head-spinning remodel that’s bound to provoke some double takes. With a playful cut and paste job—or in this case place and stitch job, the swoosh is creatively misaligned, the tongue is in complete reverse and even the suede heel, which alternates from yellow to black, uses mismatched font styles that alternate from bold to shadowed outline.

Nike Women's Air Force 1 '07 LXX (QS)
Retail: $110