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1/24/19: Adidas x Raf Simons Detroit Runner High

Release Info: Available Now

Raf Simons’s Adidas silhouettes run the gamut from subtle reworking to total reimagination. One of the most extreme models to result from this collaborative output is the Detroit Runner, a classic, canvas court shoe placed atop an outsized, futuristic tread outsole.

The Detroit High pushes the extreme visual contrast of this distinctive silhouette to its utmost extremes, thanks to a dose of extreme fashion influence gleaned from glam and punk. The low-top cut of the original Detroit Runner is extended into a high top boot, with the sober canvas swapped out for the flamboyance of rubberized plastic, set against a contrast outsole. A lo-fi, Xerox reproduction style, black and white graphic at the ankle adds an element of early punk immediacy.

Adidas x Raf Simons Detroit High
Retail: $470