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SERIES_ Exhibition and Zine: Ten Years Of Creative Projects from Bodega


Installation View


Installation view2

Zine install


Series_  is a one night exhibition of 15 international artists who represent the past, present, and future of Bodega’s collaborative output. The show will include live silkscreening by AntiDesigns and a special musical performance by Edan.   An accompanying, small run zine will also be available.

Artists include: Kostas Seremetis, Virgil Normal, Greg Lamarche, Marka27, Russell Maurice, Paul Sid, Emmett Keane, Caleb Neelon, Percy Fortini Wright, Matt Zaremba, Evoker, Pat Peltier, PRMTVO, Melanie Bernier, Pat Falco, Jordan Roschwalb, Founder of PINTRILL, Angelique Alvarez & Matthew Beauchamp.

Bodega cofounder Oliver Mak explains, “Series_ is the first group show we’ve put on since closing our award winning art gallery – Fourth Wall Project. It’s also the first zine we’ve put out since the one we did for our Tokyo Pop-up shop.   In context, it is a snapshot of where we are as a community of creators.”


Here's some previews of the Zine - which is available here.

Raul Gonzalez III, Matt Zaremba