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OPEN RUN by Bodega + Reebok + New York Sunshine

by Bodega + Reebok + New York Sunshine

The celebratory release party, dubbed “Open Run,” was hosted at Warehouse XI in Union Square, Somerville. Yung Towfu, SuperSmashBroz, Where's Nasty, and DJ Mozes kept the beats blasting from a custom built basketball hoop/deejay booth conceived and constructed by the imaginative installers at New York Sunshine while Hennessy provided complimentary cocktails for those of age, keeping spirits high, and the vibe loose. Bodega added to the evening’s festivities posting up at a mini “storefront” buildout where stylish tote bags to commemorate the event were handed out to attendees.. But in the end, it was the resurrection of the BB4600 that brought us all together. The basketball sneaker, which first hit the stores and courts back in 1986, would become an athletic sneaker silhouette to be reckoned with throughout the decade. A testament to its construction by the Reebok Performance Series, the shoe’s reboot remains true to its original design, proving it’s construction and design can stand the test of time, providing all the necessary comfort, style, swagger and street cred you’re looking for in a performance sneaker.