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In Between The Lines: Bodega Coloring Book

For many us,
coloring books were our introduction to art.

With lines helping guide each stroke (and many of us ignoring those lines), we were able to fill in the blanks with the colors of our choice to complete a prefabricated work of "art." As adults, we tend to revisit this activity, albeit from a completely different perspective. Besides its obvious sentimental value, they're therapeutic and a great way to pass the time... especially now. Sure, it'd be great to learn to draw, but can we really risk trying out another hobby we may fail at in these tender times? Let's leave it to the real artists.


Presenting In Between the Lines: A Bodega Coloring Book. Featuring artists from both the Bodega family as well as respected artists from across the globe, we've compiled a unique and diverse collection artistic "blueprints" for you to finish off. The lines are there, you figure out how to fill them in. If you share to your social media be sure to tag @bodega and the artist for us to repost!

While In Between the Lines is FREE, we encourage you to add a donation with your download. Please donate directly to the American Red Cross at