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Event Recap: Bodega x New Balance 574 - Bodega in Paris


What’s possible on an international stage when you have hometown support.

When the Bodega team packed our bags and traveled to Paris, the immediate goal was to support our latest collaboration with New Balance – the 574 Legacy in the “Departure” and “Arrival” colorways.


Harkening back to the original 574, a model beloved for its accessibility and versatility, the new “Legacy” 574 intends to give the OG community the sneaker they remember while showing the new school what the fuss was all about all those years ago. Originally unadvertised and released without the help of direct marketing, the 574 gained a cult following the old fashion way. And though the marketing has steadily increased since the late 80s – with the popularity of the sneaker – the 574 has managed to stay true to its roots.


It's because of this unswayable authenticity and the reputation the sneaker has built from the ground up that we feel like kindred spirits with the now iconic style.

So when you zoom out, although this trip was all about the 574 Legacy, it was also about celebrating what this collaboration symbolized: what’s possible on an international stage when you have hometown support.


And if that’s not a cause worth pulling out all the stops for, what is?


Running from Thursday June 23rd to Saturday June 25th, we took over a storefront in the heart of the city of lights and Bodega-fied it, bringing a little piece of home with us. The result was a warm, inviting space that instantly felt like a fixture in the neighborhood. From the weathered backdrop, café seating, and DIY furniture to the full of life fonts, colors, and corner store staples, we wanted to provide the perfect complement to the sneakers and its supporting apparel collection.

With food provided by Ok Gateau led by 4th generation chef Kei Ogawa, natural 100% Gamay wine from Pépins, and sounds from y.a.s.s.m.e.a.n., ARMELBIZZMAN, tfqimene, and our friends at ALLYOUCANEAT keeping the energy up over the 3 days, people might have gone for the “Legacy” but there were many reasons to stick around. And stick around they did. So much so that the pop-up at times overflowed into the street and became a home base for friends new and old ,from Paris and abroad, to catch up, share stories, and take in the spirit of the city.

Centered around a sold out party on Le Mazette on opening night, with music from Jyoty, FS Green, Towfu & Mozes, Kirou Kirou, Soyklō, SuperSmashBroz, Where’s Nasty, and our headliner, Larry June, who was just coming off a European tour, we couldn’t be happier with the support and turnout during our brief but jam packed few days. You made us feel incredibly welcome and your affinity for the collab inspires us to keep creating. That is why being able to bring Bodega to Paris and facilitating a communal space, with such a positive reception, is something we will never forget.

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Friday, July 15, 2022
Available online at 12pm EST on a first come, first served basis.