Editorial: Bodega x PUMA GV Special Made in Italy Supper Club

Editorial: Bodega x PUMA GV Special Made in Italy Supper Club

There is something to be said about going to the source and getting it straight from the horse's mouth. Or in this case, the puma’s. Putting your passport where your convictions are and committing to what you believe in, in order to create the best product possible. However, that romanticized idea often stops there.

The thing is, just as important as going out into the world to experience something in the way it was meant to be experienced is bringing all the insights and emotions back to your tribe at home, and creating a lasting reference point for the future.

Enter the GV Special Experience from PUMA, an opportunity to visit Southern Italy with the PUMA team and some of the best stockists in the world to be a part of a small run of the iconic 80s tennis sneaker, made from start to finish in their Ostuni factory.

Immersed in the rich history of the community and interacting with the local culture through food, wine, and of course the art of shoe-making, not only was this a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but it became the foundation for our GV Special. Featuring a textured suede upper and a split color formstrip, our rubber soled re-issue is drizzled in olive green and is garnished with co-branded gold-foil stamping. And although this project was more about proof of concept as opposed to full product runs, what good is a little vacation without souvenirs - in one form or another?

In addition to seeding all units of our boutique production run, we wanted to capture the energy built up in Italy, without the 4,000-mile commute. So naturally we teamed up with Boston's pasta queen Karen Akunowicz to host a pasta-making class for 18 and a fine dining experience for 50 at her restaurant Bar Volpe to celebrate our Italian excursion, the GV Specials we created along the way, and the inspiration we left with, all in the name of community building and R&D stateside.

Surrounded by friends, family, and community members who have all inspired us to grow as individuals, teams, and brands, it's safe to say we were in good company, with the GV Special literally and figuratively tying it all together. Enhanced by multiple courses, a steady flow of drinks, and of course the communal environment, it should come as no surprise that the conversations and act of sharing a meal is what ultimately made this night unforgettable. A sentiment that perfectly sums up the new GV Special that everyone was able to walk away with. Although it can set the tone for the day, it's only the starting block, not an end all be all. So when you lace them up, ask yourself, "What now?" Whether it be connecting with friends old and new over dinner or testing out the GV's tennis heritage firsthand the next time you play doubles, let them be the catalyst that connects you with to the world around you, like it has been for us.