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The street futurism of Cav Empt is, visually, in a league of its own.  There’s a very simple reason for this; the unmistakable designs of Cav Empt are, basically not grounded in reality as we know it.  The glitchy aesthetic of Cav Empt is informed by the  “high tech, low life” world of Cyberpunk.


For those without solid grounding in specific, sci-fi subgenres, Cyberpunk fiction typically portrays a world of advanced technology and disintegrating social structure within a dystopian trending society.

If it sounds theoretically dry, in practice it’s a lot of hard-boiled anti-heroes, deviance, wild fashion, and free flowing violence in soft lit neon, which is to say that, on top of the trenchant social commentary, its also a lot of fun. 

The Cav Empt starter pack is a primer for those about to plug into this grimy, increasingly accurate vision of the future for the first time.  

Fill up your bag with these, and, in no time, you’ll be expounding on the risks and ethical implications of cybernetic technology with the verve of a dozen over-caffeinated Black Mirror fans.