"Better Days" ft. Jordan Moss

"Better Days" ft. Jordan Moss

Jordan Moss is a Brooklyn based illustrator and graphic designer. With a background that ranges from fine art to advertising, she loves getting the chance to take on a variety of projects, all shapes and mediums. Whether it's doing hand painted murals in her city, or digital stage graphics at Coachella, she's excited to create in all spaces. You can stay up to date with her at jordanemoss.com

How long have you been drawing/illustrating? And in particular, how long have you been working in this particular style you’ve become known for?

I've been exploring art as a whole for as long as I can remember. I still have drawings from when I could barely sign my name correctly. I started working within my current style of illustration around 2016.


What was your first instinct when approaching these pieces, based around the shoe and the colorway?

I actually really love the colorway of the shoe. Each illustration is a different idea of what "Better Days" means to me. So I decided to use the palette as the primary element that tied all of them together.


What were your immediate thoughts before you even began laying down the design. What struck you first about the subject?

Immediately I thought, wow, 'Better Days' is truly a statement to be made right now. At the moment everyone is working towards their individual version of a better day.


There is an intriguing surrealism in your work. How do you go from what’s in your head to what makes its way into the art?

For me, dreams and escapism are always in the forefront of my mind. So I think I unintentionally project dreaminess or surreal-like imagery.

Color obviously plays a huge role in all of your pieces. How do you end up choosing your colors?

The color choices always depend on the intention of the piece, and if there's already a concept that the colors should be working with. I feel like the colors tell as much about the story as the actual drawing.


Is there an overarching theme or message that you feel connects all of your work?

I think for most of my work I create the places and things that I wish I could actually visit and feel. It's not necessarily a theme or message but I think it's something that can be felt by others too.


What does ‘Better Days’ mean to you and how did you interpret it in your artwork?

To me 'Better Days' is a kind of affirmation. I personally only want to move with the purpose of getting better, living better, feeling better.


When I started working I was asking myself, “what are some of the things that eventually lead to a better day? What do we subconsciously or intentionally do after experiencing the not so great days?”

Some of the ideas that came to my mind were the acts of: moving forward, growing out of who we once were, and having gratitude.

How has this pandemic affected your art? Does it give you more time or take away from the headspace and collaborative element you need?

The pandemic has pushed me into a consistent need to work on something, or keep my mind occupied creatively. Staying productive has been key for me.


What’s your favorite part of the artistic process?

My favorite part of my artistic process is adding and layering the textures and gradients to my pieces. It's the part that is least planned and most fun to explore.


How do you stay inspired?

I'm forever inspired by all of the things I haven't done yet, because I want to do it all.

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