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Fred Perry x Raf Simons Look Book

It’s fair to say, at this point, that Fred Perry is timeless. Their designs don’t lurch from trend to trend; they are what they are, and they are continually adopted by each successive generation. 

Raf Simons, on the other hand, is thoroughly modern. His designs are not only famous in their own right, but have made him a highly valued collaborative partner for several prestigious and iconic brands. What makes Raf Simons an ideal partner is his ability to tailor his modernism to the structure and feel of the original piece. For example, when working with footwear, classic tennis shoes will get a slight, contemporary tweak, while technological runners will be downright avant garde.

The former sensibility defines the Raf Simons x Fred Perry collection. Staples like the pique polo shirt or the v-neck sweater don’t require a reinventing of the wheel, but subtle alterations like visible, multicolored stitching, contrast piping, or a zip-up collar are bold and striking when applied to designs that normally remain consistent over time.  This collaboration truly brings out the best in both brands, which makes something entirely new out of these classics.


Words: Dan Alvarez

Photography: Tommy Boudreau

Model: Trey Hilson