Brand Spotlight : Ed Martin Design

Being an avid thrift-shopper, Ed found himself fed up with the way thrifted product fit. Taking it upon himself he began to custom tailor the clothing he purchased. He started out simple, whether it was tie dying, tightening a seam or adding custom zippers, Ed quickly became a master at his craft.

Over time he took a keen interest in the silhouette of jogger pants that hit the market earlier this year but he noticed the majority were often fleece or cotton based. Hoping to steer clear of the "comfy and relaxed" stigma that has taken street wear by storm he decided to take his design to the next level - turning regular jeans and pants into joggers. After thrifting higher end brands he went to work making affordable, custom joggers for himself. By tapering the leggings, adding cinch bottoms and throwing his own creative twist into the mix he soon had custom, 1 of 1 jogger pants for a fraction of the price.

Not realizing what he may have started, countless people began approaching him asking where he got his pants and if he could make them some. Shortly after he came out with an A/W line of joggers made from thrifted pants ranging from Levi's to Tommy Hilfiger and Gitano. 

Ed's joggers will be available in-store only starting Friday September 5th. You can see his Ed's other work here.

Words & Images : Tommy Boudreau