Bodega | Spring Deliveries 2014



We Strong. We weren't open last year on "Marathon Monday" but, like the rest of the nation- we were there. This time around we chose to show you what it's about - from the teeming crowds of people to the weird silver blankets they give the runners when they cross the finish line. No matter where you are, the aura of the marathon is present - at least in Boston.  This season's shop lookbook takes you from place to place featuring key pieces from Folk, Engineered Garments, Monitaly, Needles, Bedwin & the Heartbreakers, BWGH, and more. For the looks, hit the jump.


 BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_1-Edited vest: Mark McNairy | shirt: Needles | ftwr: Vans Vault


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_2-Edited hat: Bodega | shirt: Folk | bottom: Engineered Garments | ftwr: Nike


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_3-Edited shades: Oliver Peoples | shirt: Cav Empt | shorts: Monitaly | ftwr: Nike | socks: Chup


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_4-Edited jacket: Monitaly | shirt: BWGH | shorts: Needles | ftwr: New Balance


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_5-Edited jacket: Engineered Garments | shirt: Lbt-Lbt | shorts: Garbstore | ftwr: Yuketen


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_6-Edited shades: Shwood | jacket: Bedwin | shirt: Lbt-Lbt | shorts: Needles | ftwr: Nike


BDGA-Spring-Lookbook-2014_7-Edited left/ jacket: Norse Projects | shirt: Nanamica | pants: Maharishi | ftwr: Yuketen | bag: Epperson right/ crewneck: Folk | shirt: Monitaly | pants: Garbstore | ftwr: Converse | bag: South 2 West 8