Comfort is Key

Comfort-is-Key-Edited After a discussion with our marketing team about what we wear everyday, a great topic was brought up,comfort. Comfort is one of the more important things we consider before getting dressed. Thankfully, we work in a place where a suit and tie isn't required and we can avoid that uncomfortable shizz altogether. But if I know my jeans are a little stiff and I know I'll be walking a lot that day, I'm not gonna wear 'em, because I know it'll suck. Anything that fits well, feels right, and won't obstruct my movement is preferred. on Will: IMG_0722-Edited IMG_0714-Edited Bodega French Terry Shorts Nike Sportswear Free Run+2 EXT With that being said, we've been seeing sweats working their way up the fashion ladder too, and there's no doubt they're one of the more comfortable pieces of clothing anyone owns. Some may never see rocking sweats outside the bedroom as a possibility; maybe they think it renders them as lazy or boring. But if you rock them right, you can look pretty good. Like Will does here minus those weird knees. IMG_0729-Edited Running shoes as an everyday fashion choice is also something thats come up in a big way. Nike Lunar Flyknit chukkas with jeans and a tee. Or Roshe Runs with cargo pants and a jersey. Bottom line is, running shoes are often more comfortable and way more supportive than regular shoes. Comfort is key, and with that in mind, a new trend has emerged. on Clynton: IMG_0745-Edited IMG_0749-Edited Nike Sportswear Roshe Run DYN FW QS  Words & Images: Tommy Boudreau