Mita x Reebok Classic Leather 30th Anniversary



For Reebok's 30th Anniversary, they teamed up with Mita to make for one of the most unique collaborations yet. The shoe features a suede toe box, chambray underlinings throughout the upper and a gum bottom. Perhaps the most unparalleled feature is the glow in the dark suns and stars on the tongue and mid lining. During the day, the suns appear purple, and at night the stars glow a mint green; an odd similarity to the stars we used to stick on our bedroom ceilings at night. The iconic Mita chain-link fence is printed on the in-sole as well. Check out an exclusive interview with the creative director of Mita sneakers below:


IMG_1359 IMG_1367 IMG_1377 IMG_1362   Words & Images: Tommy Boudreau