Ashley Graham


-What's your position at Bodega and how long have you worked there? My position at Bodega is on the sales floor and I have been working there for almost two years now.

-What do you like most about working here? What I like most about working here is being able to interact with people who have the same love for sneakers that I do. Having a full conversation with a random person about shoes is so satisfying to me. I love the feeling I get when I give a customer my opinions or style advice and they love it, then to watch them walk out of the store feeling like a million bucks is so awesome. I also love the atmosphere and the people I work with, we all vibe really well together so most days are filled with laughter and good times mixed with a healthy dose of hard work.


-Why'd you choose that certain style for the shoot? I chose that style for the shoot because I wanted to show how the Bodega line can look just as good on girls as it does on guys. The pants and the jacket are Bodega brand and they fit me so well. I chose Ronnie Fieg Salvage Denim Asics to complete the look by adding a splash of denim to off set the dominating camo prints.


-What are you're favorite brands in the shop and why? There are so many dope brands at the shop, but of course Bodega is my favorite brand hands down. Im not just saying that because I work there, I really feel like every season the Bodega line gets better and better, and they are constantly one step ahead of everything else. Unfortunately we do not sell women's clothing here, so I always find myself trying to fit into a men's size small, and the Bodega line is the only brand that does it for me. Besides clothing brands, I have always been a huge fan of Shwood sunglasses. The way the construct beautiful sunglasses out of different kinds of trees, woods, and even whiskey barrels is so amazing to me. Its like having a piece of art on your face, I love it!

-How would you best describe yourself and your style? I would describe myself as fun and outgoing mixed with hard working, and 100% dedication to whatever it is Im focused on. I would describe my style as 'Sneakerhead Chic', making sneakers look sexy one pair at a time.

Images: Tommy Boudreau