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Spring Delivery No. 4 Lookbook

Some fashion is subversive.  There’s nothing overtly confrontational, or outside of conventional mores, but the specific context in which the clothes are applied presents an unspoken but clear message. 

Sharp dressed subcultures like Mods and Rude Boys are prime examples.  There’s nothing unconventional about wearing a stylish suit, or fashionable shoes, but when worn by a class of people who aren’t supposed to have access to these things, while engaged in some non-officially approved behavior like loud music, dancing, and chemical substances, the status symbols of their alleged ‘betters’ are undermined. 

The prevalence of blue collar, proletarian work clothing in fashion definitely falls into this category.  There’s an obvious gatecrashing element to bringing signifiers of stereotypically unglamorous labor into a world of delicate, refined beauty, but the more shocking suggestion is that this world is worthy of being considered fashionable and beautiful. 

Real life has a way of intruding on aesthetic considerations.  The collapse of so much industry over the years has made the workwear look another runway fantasy.  Welcome to a world where “working hard, or hardly working” isn’t a lame water cooler joke; it’s a threat. 

Deluxe Steve Shirt / Bedwin Jerry Award Jacket

Deluxe Steve Shirt / Bedwin Jerry Award Jacket / Bedwin Charls Denim Tapered Fit Pants

Cav Empt Design Collared Sweat / Nanamica Dot Stripe Tee

Cav Empt Design Collared Sweat / Nanamica Dot Stripe Tee / Cav Empt Maj Damg 1994 Denim

Nanamica Work Jacket / Cav Empt Design Turtle Neck TeeNanamica Work Pants / 6876 x Clarks Desert Boot

Bedwin Greg Cotton Baseball CapBedwin Dafoe Vintage Ox VestBedwin Bob L/S Poplin Work Shirt / Bedwin Marcy 4/L Stretch Original Fit ShortsBodega Logo Socks / Pointer Seeker

Deluxe Emperor Jacket / Deluxe Big Up Pant

Carhartt WIP L/S Robert ShirtCav Empt Maj Damg 1994 Denim / Bunney x Converse JP Signature Ox

Carhartt WIP L/S Robert ShirtCav Empt Maj Damg 1994 Denim

Photography: Ricky Orng
Talent: Trey
Words: Dan Alvarez