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BODEGA - Decade.

10YEAR_BDGA from Bodega on Vimeo.

When we opened ten years ago during a week of torrential rain, a homeless guy passed out on the radiator of the bodega and eventually had to be carried out.  A lot happened in the decade that followed- we grew our team from just the three founders working the floor, to family of thoughtful creative professionals.   We opened and closed an award winning art gallery. We signed a couple endorsement deals, got a couple trophies and got to make a lot of special projects that went all over the world.   We even opened a pop up shop in Tokyo!  

Since the moment that bum fell asleep on our radiator exactly a decade ago, we knew we had something special.   It continues to astound us that our collaborators and customers new and old hold Bodega as close to their hearts as we do.   We are truly grateful to everyone who has supported us for the last ten years and are excited for what the future holds.  Bodega has given us the ability to travel the world and spend our time working with a growing circle of gifted individuals.     It has been and still is an honor to serve as your local Bodega.

A Decade of Thanks!

-Dan, Jay, Oliver - Bodega