Spring Delivery No. 2 Lookbook

It’s commonly known that exercise releases endorphins.  There are probably people, at this very moment, repeating that who don’t actually know what endorphins are or do, but that doesn’t really matter.  The point is, that people are widely aware of the fact that physical exercise produces good feelings. 

The endorphins are a benefit that takes place purely on a physical, scientific level.  There are intangibles involved that aren’t so easily measured.   Exercise can produce a sense of freedom.  It doesn’t matter that you got up while it was still dark out, or that you’ll have to be at work in a couple of hours.  All that matters in the moment is the next step, the next push. 

The people paid to conjure new trends and buzzwords out of thin air call it athleisure.  The people who seem to live with perpetually twisted undergarments call it the downfall standards.  In their day, people dressed up just to ride the bus, and so on. 

Be one of the people who sees it for what it really is, the realization that these feelings don’t have to be locked away until the next prearranged time that they can be brought out again.  It’s the realization that living up to arbitrary, artificial standards to impress total strangers is no way spend a finite amount of time on Earth.  The next rush of endorphins is always out there, waiting.  Until then, be comfortable. 

Bedwin & the Heartbreakers Rip Ripstop Pullover Hooded

Left: Cav Empt Half Zip Training JacketBedwin & the Heartbreakers Rip Ripstop Pullover Hooded / Cav Empt Cotton Warm Up Shorts / Bodega Socks / Adidas ZX FLUX ADV ASYM

Right: Cav Empt Design Yacht Cap / Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweatshirt

Bedwin & the Heartbreakers Rip Ripstop Pullover Hooded / Cav Empt Cotton Warm Up Shorts

Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweatshirt

Left: Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweatshirt / Nanamica Sweat Shorts

Right: Carhartt WIP Spinner Pullover

Carhartt WIP Spinner Pullover / Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweat

Left: Carhartt WIP Michigan Chore Coat / Nanamica Dot Stripe Tee

Right: Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweatshirt

Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweatshirt / Carhartt WIP Chase LT Sweat

Photography: Ricky Orng
Talent: Trey
Words: Dan Alvarez